TARDRUP Malene Nors

Replacement Migration – Portraits from the 21st century / Parcours

The project

A photographic culture portray of people from Europe settled down in the Arabic world and people from the Arabic world settled down in Europe, which focus on identity under exchange, when people move to another culture.

My interest is focused on the replacement migration between two very different cultures, in order to expose the connections, the same different-ness and the similar dilemmas between ’us’ and ’them’. Every time we define something different from ’our’ culture we reflect our self in ’their’ culture. In that way we influence, inspire and define our self on the impact of each others cultures.

My issue is concerned the modern human being in a time with ; new borders, new walls, new images of the enemy, taboos and lack of hospitality. My aim is to a create curiosity and open up for a dialog by opening up for these people dreams and there stories in their homes and public oases

By these portraits I wish to create a positive portray ; the nature of immigration and no less than the individual behind.

The persons have all been living in there native country until their teenage years or adulthood.

The portraits

In the project I work as a visual anthropology, where the photographs depict the persons and unfold there stories, thoughts and dreams in their milieu. I’m working in the field between the public and private space, with the public space as a private space – their personal oases. How do the create their new identity in their domestic spaces and public places - mental as physical ? Where and how do they create relations and contemplation in a new city in an unfamiliar culture ?

These 12 portraits are extracts from the series Replacement Migration – Portraits from the 21st century, which explores the phenomena in a large number of Arabic, Middle Eastern and European capitals and big cities.

Each portrait consists of three parts : An image made in their home in the new country. An image of a public space in the new city and culture, where the portrayed person feel at home, seek calmness, or have another kind of personal belonging to. Every portrait is supported by a personal text, which is written by the portrayed person in their mother language. I have in this portfolio chosen to use only English translations and the original French texts in the text illustrations. In an exhibition situation, both the original text written in the mother language and the translated version will be integrated in the exhibition.