Série « Le Théâtre Fatale »

The idea for Le Théâtre Fatale came about one sunny afternoon in the garden. It is a series of photographs, which portray the ambiguous and absurd notion of ones desires through the use of common stereotypes. Improvisation and chance has made Le Théâtre Fatale to an intriguing observation of our widespread understanding and our motifs. I invented characters for friends and neighbours and created a fictional scenario. After setting up the stage in a gazebo the friends were invited to join the not yet existing play and turn Le Théâtre Fatale into reality. Without having any background in performance art, the participants were asked to further interpret their role and improvise on stage in reaction to the other characters and the common object of desire, the fish. Starting off with an idea without predictable outcome, this experiment resulted in a tragicomedy, with the participants referring to common stereotypes that have manifested themselves in society and have hence created a new scheme of communication. By using this as a tool, I believe we created an ironical reflection of a desperate longing for excitement and pleasure that shapes our times. The next stage of Le Théâtre Fatale will be taking it into a performance space, where the audience will be included and become part of the play. My intention is to further investigate the language of stereotypes through the improvised performances of non-actors.