Série « Aftermath » / Parcours

« These are the last things, she wrote. One by one they disappear and never come back. »
(Paul Auster, In the Country of Last Things).

AFTERMATH 2006-2009

Since early 2006, side by side with my first reportages, my work has also involved the creation of an ongoing personal research project, based on the idea of the decay of memories.
Originally, the word aftermath meant the grass growing after the first cut of hay. It is now, as we know, more commonly used figuratively to mean what remains after a major event.
The major event, which I refer to in my work, is the loss of innocence. Growing up means you have to abandon the fantastic world of your childhood where everything was wrapped in a magic halo. I imagine that, as memories slowly become old and disappear, also the objects of our memory become old, washed out and frayed. My pictures are a glance at my childhood fantasies that now have become frozen and eerie visions.

All the pictures are printed black and white on rag cotton paper and hand-colored with Ecoline (liquid watercolors).


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